Wolverines and Town to Collaborate on Enhancements to Scott Safety Centre






FEBRUARY 21, 2017

The Whitecourt Wolverines are proud to announce that the team is committed to staying in Whitecourt for the long term. The decision was made following a recent meeting between the Club's owner, Brent Stark, and Whitecourt's Mayor and Town Council.
“I love Whitecourt. I've always said that the town has given me and my family everything that I have, and I want this team to succeed in Whitecourt,” said Whitecourt Wolverine owner Brent Stark.

With this recent announcement, the Whitecourt Wolverines and the Town of Whitecourt are exploring long-term partnership opportunities, both in terms of marketing and infrastructure enhancements.

“I'm thrilled with the Club's decision,” remarked Whitecourt Mayor Maryann Chichak. “The Town sees the value this Club has in our community – not only for residents in terms of entertainment and the youth for mentorship, but also in terms of economic benefit. This team, in its travels and with its successes, puts Whitecourt on the map both provincially and nationally, along with providing name recognition for our community. As well, travel by not only league players to our community, but also league fans, supporters and media representatives, provide a considerable amount of business to our hotels, food establishments, and other service providers. “
The Whitecourt Wolverines and the Town of Whitecourt will be working collaboratively to make enhancements to the Scott Safety Centre for the Club's permanent and exclusive use. The design and options are being explored, as well as other opportunities to enhance awareness and recognition of Whitecourt through the team's travels and activities.

'Thank you to the Town of Whitecourt for continuing to work in partnership with us to meet the Club's goals and objectives, both short and long term,” added Stark. “We thank our fans and sponsors for their continued support and are looking for new and innovative ways to market our team.”

For information on the Whitecourt Wolverines visit www.whitecourtwolverines.ca.