Get to Know Your Wolverines: Zack Morissette

Name:  Zack Morissette

NickName:  Mo Bamba

HomeTown:  St-Basile-Le-Grand

Biggest Supporter(s):  Mom and Dad

Favourite NHL Team:  Montreal Canadiens

Favourite Player:  Ben Chiarot

Favourite pre game meal:  “Peanut Butter” Chicken, 2 min rice and broccoli

Pre Game Superstitions:  Brods (Chase Broda) and I “fire up”

Favourite Hockey Memory:  Quebec Peewee tournament semi-final game

Celebrity Crush:  Emma Watson

Favourite thing to do in your freetime:  Eat

Favourite Sport Outside of Hockey:  Football

Least Favourite Food:  Curry

3 words that decribe you as a player:  Rough, Fast, Energetic  

3 Words that describe you as a person: Friendly, Generous, Easy going

Who is the teammate that (is):

The funniest:  Boody (Christiano Aiello)

Who thinks he’s the funniest:  RIley See

Best Dressed:  Jared Feist

Worst Dressed:  Boody

Watches his stats the most:  Brods

Always posting his highlights:  Brods

The Best Music:  Carson Ironside, Brods

The Worst Music:  Cohner Saleski

Best Flow: Cohner Saleski

Worst Flow:  Watty (Jayden Watson)