Get to Know Your Wolverines: Tanner Komzak

Name:  Tanner Komzak

Nickname:  Kommer

Hometown:  North Vancouver, BC

Biggest Supporter(s):  Parents

Favourite NHL Team:  Vegas Golden Knights

Favourite Player:  Patrick Kane

Favourite Pre Game Meal:  Eggs and Toast/Breakfast Sandwhich

Pre Game Superstition:  none

Favourite Hockey Memory:  Junior B Playoff run

Favourite Thing to do in Your Freetime:  Hangout with friends, gym, Golf

Favourite Sport Outside of Hockey: Golf

Least Favourite Food:  Corn

Who is the Teamate that (is):  

The Funniest:  Christiano Aiello

Who Thinks he’s the Funniest:  Jayden Watson

Best Dressed:  William Grimard

Watches his stats the most:  Chase Broda

Always posting his highlights:  Chase Broda

Has the best music:  Carson Ironside/Me

Best Flow: Thomas Vela

Worst Flow:  Jayden Watson