Get to Know Your Wolverines: Tyler Mahan

Name: Tyler Mahan

Nickname:  Ty or Mahan

Hometown:  Calgary

Biggest Supporter(s):  Mom and Dad

Favourite NHL team:  Flames/Blackhawks

Favourite Player:  Jonathan Toews

Favourite Pre Game Meal:  Chicken on Rice

Celebrity Crush:  Livvy Dunne

Favorutie thing to do in your freetime:  Ski/Mountain Bike

Favourite Sport Outside of Hockey:  Basketball

Who is the Teamate that (is):

The Funniest:  Christiano Aiello

Who Thinks he’s the funniest:  Jayden Watson

Best Dressed:  Riley See

Worst Dressed:  Travis Baker

Watches his stats the most:  Chase Broda

Always Posting his highlights:  Chase Broda

The Best Music:  Carson Ironside/Christiano Aiello

The Worst Music:  Zack Morissette

Best Flow:  Teydon Trembecky

Worst Flow:  Tanner Komzak