Get to Know Your Wolverines: Alex Dominique

Name:  Alex Dominique

Nickname:  Dom

Hometown:  Missisauga, Ontario

Biggest Supporter(s):  Parents

Favourite NHL team:  Montreal Canadiens

Favourite Player:  PK Subban

Favourite Pre Game Meal:  Chcken and Spaghetti

Pre Game Superstitions:  Can’t Tell

Favourite Hockey Memory:  OHF Championship  

Celebrity Crush:  Lady Gaga

Favourite Thing to do in Your Freetime:  Play Video Games

Favourite Sport Outside of Hockey:  Football

Least Favourite Food:  Brussels Sprouts  

3 Words That Describe you as a Player:  Ambitious, Competitive, Hard Working

3 Words That Describe you as a Person:  Smart,Curious, Honest

Who is The Teammate that (is):

The Funniest:  Christiano Aiello

Best Dressed:  Dom

Worst Dressed:  Porterfield

Watches his Stats the Most:  Tyler Mahan

Always Posting his Highlights:  Chase Broda

The Best Music:  Me

The Worst Music:  Tyler Mahan  

Best Flow:  Trem (Teydon Trembecky)

Worst Flow:  Jayden Watson