Get to Know Your Wolverines: William Grimard

Name: William Grimard

Nickname: Grimmer

Hometown: Sherbrooke, QC

Biggest Supporter(s): My Family and Friends

Favourite NHL Team: Montreal Canadiens

Favourite Player: Roberto Luongo

Favourite Pre Game Meal: Salmon and Rice

Pre Game Superstitions: Juggling

Favourite Hockey Memory: Getting Drafted in the QMJHL

Celebrity Crush: Freya Allen

Favourite Thing to do in Your Freetime: Playing Chess

Favourite Sport Outside of Hockey: Formula 1

Least Favourite Food: Bad Poutine “in Quebec it would be a crime”

3 Words that Describe You as a Player: Composed, Big, Not Easy to Score on

3 Words That Describe You as a Person: Easy Going, Generous, Funny

Who is the Teammate That (is):

The Funniest: Boody (Christiano Aiello)

Who Thinks He’s The Funniest: Nicolas “Dane” Porterfield

Best Dressed: Cohner Saleski

Worst Dressed: Alex Dominique

Watches His Stats The Most: Chase Broda

Always Posting His Highlights: Chase Broda

The Best Music: Me! My French Playlist Slaps

The Worst Music: Tanner Komzak

Best Flow: Boody before his Mullet by far, but now Thomas Vela

Worst Flow: Jayden Watson