Wolverines Win Provincial Community Citizenship Award

The Whitecourt Wolverines have won the Provincial Community Citizenship Award which recognizes a community member, business or organization that has shown leadership in supporting adults with developmental disabilities to be involved in the community. There were 6 nominees for the award.

Under the leadership of Brent Stark, the Whitecourt Wolverines of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, including its volunteers and sponsors, encourages and supports people with developmental disabilities in a variety of ways.  Some of the team members work for a local disability service agency, Whitecourt CARE, and the team donates season tickets and offers the use of their bus to individuals with developmental disabilities in the community.  Team members have also offered fire safety training and mentored individuals to help them exercise and stay fit. 
Loren Case, an individual with a developmental disability and the Wolverines #1 fan, was such a valued part of the team that the Wolverines created “Loren's Cup” to honor his contributions to their team.  Sadly, Loren passed away last year.  He is fondly remembered by “his boys”.
Congratulations to the Whitecourt Wolverines on the Recipients of the Provincial Community Leadership Award and also winners of the Northeast Region Community Citizenship award for 2013. 


Awards recognize Albertans who help people with disabilities

October 16, 2013 Media inquiries

Albertans were rewarded for helping people with developmental disabilities be included in meaningful ways in Alberta communities.

The Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Provincial Community Leadership Awards were presented in five categories at a ceremony in Leduc on October 16.

“Albertans who help those with disabilities be included in society deserve recognition.  These awards encourage those who help people with disabilities to continue doing their good work and attain positive outcomes.”

Frank Oberle, Associate Minister of Services for Persons with Disabilities

Twenty seven individuals, families and organizations were nominated for the five awards. This year’s PDD Provincial Community Leadership Awards recipients are:

  • Norm McLeod Self-Advocacy Award: Ms. Sheri Herselman (Medicine Hat) and Mr. Robert Lupul (Edmonton)
  • Individual Leadership Award: Ms. Marjorie Thompson (Edmonton)
  • Community Citizenship Award: Ms. Donna Palfrey (Edmonton) and Whitecourt Wolverines hockey team (Whitecourt)
  • Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award: Ms. Annalea Sordi (Calgary)
  • Family Leadership Award: Ray and Donna Desjardins and family (St. Paul)

The awards are one of the ways the Alberta government is investing in families and communities to build Alberta.