Get to Know: Tanner Komzak

Name: Tanner Komzak

Position: Defence

Years with the team: 2

Where’d you grow up: North Vancouver

Best part about where you grew up: The Mountains

Favourite NHL team

Childhood Idol: My Dad

Pre-game meal: eggs / toast

Siblings: One younger brother

When did you start playing hockey: When I was 5 years old

If you weren’t playing hockey what would you be doing: If I wasn’t a hockey player, I would be playing football

Favourite artist: Travis Scott

Celebrity crush: Ariana Grande

Cheat meal or snack: Pizza

Best Christmas present you’ve got: Wireless ear buds

What does playing in Whitecourt mean to you: Playing in front of fans is amazing and I love interacting in the community

Board game or video game?: Both, board game I like risk and video game is Call of Duty

Bingeworthy TV Show: Blindspot

Favourite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street