Wolverines 5th Annual Poker Tournament

Whitecourt Wolverines Fifth Annual Poker Tournament was held on November 24, 2019, at Eagle River Casino Whitecourt. The tournament saw 80 participants, including 10 players and Assistant Coach Devin Windle. Poker players were treated to appetizers, prizes, and bounty prizes for taking out a Wolverine! The last Wolverine bounty to stay in the tournament was Josh Corrow. There was a Special Bounty put on last years winner, Carmen Arseneault. There was a ?One Hour Bounty? called in and put on Stacy Crossland, which she up for the challenge and surived. Congratulations to this year?s tournament winner Curtis Calhoun.

This tournament, in partnership with Eagle River Casino Whitecourt, is one of the main fundraising events for Whitecourt Wolverines during the season. Whitecourt Wolverines are grateful for the continued support of Eagle River Casino and this great community.