Wolverines 2015/16 Hockey Season Closes

The 2015/16 hockey season has been one of accomplishment and pride. The Wolverines have broken records, faced adversity and have given Whitecourt many entertaining hockey games. Not only that but the team has made Whitecourt a home and we have learned that alone you can do little but together we can do so much!

Our organization takes great pride in the community work our players have done this season and we hope they know that they’ve made a difference in our town. It was without hesitation or question that the Wolverine Players would go to a school, hockey practice or sign an autograph. Each available Wednesday the team would fill the Whitecourt schools to be mentors, participate in a reading program or play in the gym. Those days were highly anticipated by the students. The students met the players with great excitement and joy when they walked in the doors of the schools and the players cherished those days as well. They not only became helpers in the schools, they became admired regulars and heros for many. They became mentors and most of all, they became friends. The same anticipation filled the rink on many minor hockey nights as players took the ice to practice with each team. It was talked about amongst the teams, comparing which players were at their practices and which team had the most fun. They didn’t stop at schools and Minor Hockey, we also planned a surprise street hockey event which was the talk of the town. We invited the Brownies and Sparks to the Centre of Excellence to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes and to watch a movie, we helped with the Whitecourt Christmas Hamper and much more. Those are some of the bigger events the players participated in but it’s been said that, “it’s the little things that count”. We’ve watched children’s faces light up as players walk into a dressing room to sign autographs for the Flag Bearers. I’ve met a player at the rink to sign a picture and a puck for a special little boy at his practice and we’ve seen total admiration when a player has a broken stick so he signs it and hands it up to one of their tiny fans. We’ve heard that the players joined Sunday afternoon hockey games on an outdoor rink and how those kids went home and told their parents that it was the best day of their lives. The Wolverines have changed the way hockey players are perceived in Whitecourt and we look forward to continuing to give back next season.

It’s not without notice that we are able to do all of the above because of our fans, sponsors, volunteers and billet families dedication. Our organization couldn’t’ be more thankful to have this group of people stand behind us in support while we chase the great hockey dream. There’s a quote that says “only by giving are you truly able to receive” and our fans, sponsors, volunteers and billets are the true meaning behind that quote as they have given so much.

The Wolverines are looking forward to what the 2016/17 Hockey Season will bring and can’t wait to see you all again sitting in the stands of our barn, cheering for the home team!


The Wolverines Owner, Staff, Coaches and Players