Get to Know: Michael Lovsin

Name: Michael Lovsin

Position: Centre

Years you’ve been with the team: 1st year

Where’d you grow up: Stony Plain

Best part of where you grew up: Glenn Hall Arena

Favourite NHL team: Edmonton Oilers

Idol growing up: My dad

Pre-game meal: Chicken and alfredo

Any siblings: 4 older sisters

When did you start playing hockey: When I was 5 years old

If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing: I’d be a butcher

Favourite band/artist: Kid Cudi

Celebrity Crush: None

Cheat meal: Burgers

Best Christmas present you’ve ever got: Hockey net

What does playing for the Wolverines mean to you: It means a lot. It’s a great organization with great fans.

Favourite part about Whitecourt: The fans hands down

Board games or video games: Board games, monopoly specifically

Bingeworthy TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favourite movie: Fight Club