Billet Chronicles

A home for stories from the Wolverines billet families to share their experiences billeting in Whitecourt.


Hello, I am a Billet Mom, If you had asked me in the summer of 2012 what a billet mom is, I wouldn’t be able to answer. We talked about it and said let’s try it. Well, in our house, a billet mom is not a landlord, a maid or a cook.

 A billet mom is a mom, a friend, a counsellor ,a cheerleader, a teacher.  Basically a mom with a bit more leniency.

Our kids (our girls) learned to cook, do laundry and accept responsibility along side us.  We worked together so that our girls would be independent and ready for the world.  As a billet mom, I may go a little easier on the guys (I don’t know if they are as resilient as our girls or if they can throw a  perfect spiral in football)

I am here to care for the guys physical and mental health (so I will use garlic and ask if they are taking their vitamins), providing healthy meals and a caring environment.  I don’t ask for help often but love it when the guys pitch in. I will offer my help so it’s not an inconvenience when it’s needed. Our goal is to help prep the guys for what comes next. Can they cook a simple meal, do their own laundry, recognize when to take on responsibility? (garbage doesn’t take itself to the curb by the way)

 Over the years, we have met a lot of great kids, great families, and made a lot of new friends.  This is an experience we cherish and are so grateful for. Welcome home guys, there is a bowl full of love for everyone, plenty to share.